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Welcome to Rublix

Discover a new era of blockchain powered software

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About Rublix

From optional to essential.

Technology makes life easier, and by caring about the quality of our products, we deliver a technological perspective that empowers our community of users. Through an exceptional understanding of advancements in software, Rublix is dedicated to creating software applications that are not only entrenched into our daily lives, but congruent with our values of trust, accessibility, and functionality.

The Rublix Advantage

Blockchain, taking the world by storm.

Recordkeeping is the foundation in many aspects of software, it’s a fundamental technology that allows us to save data for future use. Rublix is building the next generation of fintech products, utilizing blockchain technology as the most trustworthy form of recordkeeping. From trading tools to decentralized applications, Rublix is creating a software ecosystem focused on enhancing trading performance and efficiencies.

Create Market Driven DApps on the Rublix Blockchain

For Developers

Our technology integrates trusted market data onto the blockchain, enabling developers to create decentralized applications that require financial data on-chain.

Contribute to the Rublix Blockchain

For Stakeholders

Holding RBLX allows future participation on the network. As the platform expands it will require more validators (nodes) and newcomers will be nominated based on their RBLX stake size.

Validators act as miners in traditional blockchains and will earn transaction fees to secure the network. The nodes are lightweight, cost efficient and green friendly.

Utilize a reliable source of information using Hedge

For Traders and Investors

Our Hedge DApp demonstrates what is possible on the Rublix Blockchain. It will utilize the trusted oracle to bring financial data into a real world application.

Investors are able to see an immutable track-record stored on the blockchain giving them an edge when it comes to their investment decisions.

Traders are able to earn from their predictions using both technical and fundamental analysis.


Blockchain Features


Censorship and data manipulation is no longer a threat

Purpose and Functionality

  • Smart contracts directly on the blockchain with
  • payments and banking in the hands of the people


Global network integration inhibiting single points of failure

Real Time
Market Data

Trusted financial data available on the Rublix blockchain for creating advanced smart contracts

Unique Consensus

Proof-Of-Authority + Proof-Of-Stake hybrid algorithm allows scalability without sacrificing functionality

Purpose and Functionality Focus

Rublix is taking the finance sector to a new level with its blockchain and Proof-of-Ranking technology

Rublix DApps

Introducing the HedgeTrade platform

Rublix’s decentralized application “HedgeTrade" is a platform uniquely designed for trading predictions, analysis and education. Traders can post trading predictions in the form of a smart contract-powered “Blueprint” and get rewarded for accurate information.

  • Learn from Blockchain-verified traders
  • Earn rewards for high-quality content
  • Join a community focused on successful trading
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How does HedgeTrade work?

Once a Blueprint has been submitted, which requires staked HEDG tokens, users may purchase the Blueprint using HEDG tokens to “unlock” the prediction. If the Blueprint is correct, the trader receives their stake back and the HEDG tokens used to purchase the Blueprint, as well as improving their HedgeTrade ranking. If not, the trader loses their stake and the purchased tokens are returned to the user. Blueprints will be posted on the blockchain, therefore the ranking and track record of each trader cannot be manipulated. This system appropriately aligns incentives to ensure traders post honest information by increasing transparency and accountability for trading performance.

Our vision is to help people of all sophistication levels enhance their trading skills, gain confidence, and trade profitably. HedgeTrade is a community based on track record and transparency.


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Rublix is always searching for talented individuals in the finance, blockchain and software engineering space. If you think you are a great fit for our team, don't hesitate to contact us at

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