Rublix Core

Unity of finance experts

Rublix's team is a collection of passionate and highly talented individuals, located around the world.

David Waslen
CEO & Co-Founder

David has a background in venture capital and private equity with extensive experience managing growing businesses. He holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from London Business School.

Peter Danihel

Peter is a self-taught programmer and experienced options trader. He has a breadth of experience with app development and building tech companies, including the sale of several internet businesses.

Rhys Boulanger
Director of Marketing

Rhys is an experienced internet entrepreneur with an extensive background in guerrilla marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Analytical research.

Frank Danihel
Director of Operations

Frank has over 10 years of dedicated involvement in the software and IT sector, facilitating solutions for energy producers, governments and regulators, banks, and educational institutions.

Allan Redman
VP of Technology

Allan is a Senior .NET Developer and has over 13 years of programming experience. He has a passion for Blockchain Technology and applying it into real world applications.

David Waslen
CEO & Co-Founder

MBA - London Business School; BA - Dartmouth College; PE and VC background; Co-Founder of Chrysalis Acquisition Partners.

Chris Chan
Smart Contract Developer

Bachelor of Engineering - Mount Royal University; Background in smart contract development, finance, and derivative trading.

Peter Danihel
Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Self-taught programmer; Experienced options trader; Extensive experience with app development, including the sale of several internet businesses.

Jeff Chin
Digital Media Manager

BBA - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology; Entrepreneurial background as the Co-Founder of Kleverhance and TAS Group.

Vida Moayedi
Front End Developer

MSc - University of Alberta; Highly skilled in web design and development.

Rhys Boulanger
Developer & Project Manager

Experienced e-commerce entrepreneur; Developed ranking algorithims on Google; SEO Contractor for Critical Mass.

Adrian Radulescu
Full Stack Developer

Electrical engineer; Extensive background in software development, data science, machine learning, visual recognition, and market forecasting.

Simon Gerovich
Chairman Red Planet Hotels

CEO of Red Planet Hotels - A previous Goldman Sachs representative for nearly 6 years; Attended both the International School of Beijing and Harvard University.

Eric Godwin
CEO Cypherbridge Capital

Blockchain Consultant & Cryptoeconomic Analyst; Think-tank founder with a background in investment banking and macroeconomics.

Irina Demina
VP Argon Group

Vice President - Corporate Development at The Argon Group and has experience in bringing many start-ups to life in the blockchain space; Irina received an MBA from London Business School.

Nagu Thogiti
Blockchain Expert

Mathematician and computer scientist with 20+ years of cryptography and AI experience; Certified professional from MIT and member of American Mathematical Society and IEEE; Blockchain and protocol security advisor and smart contract auditor for several blockchain businesses.

Elena Ershova
Managing Partner Afina Capital

Founder of Afina Capital, a capital markets advisory firm; Extensive global markets experience having worked for leading international companies and banks in Russia, Germany and the US; Holds an Executive MBA degree from London Business School and Columbia Business School.

Viven Kalia
Blockchain Developer

Blockchain, computer science and software development background with proficient skills in over a dozen programming languages.